Important information about Claws&Paws


After some feedback, here is how Kat & I see it on her machine using MS Edge & IE

To download C&P game client. Go to, by typing it in the address bar of your web browser.…

Click on the “HERE” link

You will see “No Preview available”

Click the blue Download icon in the center of the page, says Google can’t scan this for Virus’s.

Click “Download Anyway”

Click “Run” instead of “Save” or “save as”.

This will take a bit to download. (You may see a purple icon in your task bar that you have to click on to see the installer.)

After the download is complete,

Close your browser and click continue on the installer and follow the prompts.

As you run it and the download completes, you will probably see a windows defender error. Simply click on More info. Then click on “Run”.